Club activities

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We organise a series of club events throughout the year. These are not formal training occasions, but we try to make them as constructive as the crew wish. The skippers may not be RYA qualified, but they are all very experienced cruising skippers, with a long club history, and they enjoy sharing their enthusiasm with others.

2019 Programme

Here are the highlights of the 2019 programme: soon to be released

Please contact Ian Hyde if you have any questions 07974349331 or

For full details of the 2018 programme please (Click Here)

Skipper Tickets

As a Club we insist on having a "look" at skipper candidates before we let them out on their own on our boats.

Our intention is to have a "look" at skippers “on demand” although it is not always possible to achieve this. Your best bet, however, is to organise yourself a crew, get some possible dates, and then phone us to organise the day. Cost per candidate is £50.00.

Please remember that we do want people to qualify as skipper, or to upgrade. Without skippers the boats will just sit there. The standards we look for in our A, B, & C tickets are similar to the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, RYA Yachtmaster Coastal and Day Skipper levels.

It is worth stating that we do like people to have genuinely been a skipper, with standalone responsibility, before seeking an upgrade. It is seldom sufficient just to have done another course or to have sailed as mate on a few trips. 

Please feel free to phone as below to discuss:

Andy Morrill on 07775541653 or e mail: Andy Morrill

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